Museum of Broadcast Communications: what’s happening?

As Television Obscurities have noted over on their blog, and as I have been grumbling about for a while, the Museum of Broadcast Communication’s free online archive of historic broadcasts is currently offline – and has been since at least early June.

The MBC say this is a temporary state of affairs. One of their people told me on July 5 that things would be restored to normal ‘in a few weeks’.

The Museum funded partly by public donations, and is currently undertaking an ambitious effort to open a new physical museum in Chicago, so let’s hope that the outage isn’t a result of a drop in donations. It would be real shame if the incredibly useful resources that were once accessible to all became unavailable.

In the meantime, some updates on the news page of the MBC website wouldn’t go amiss.

Update December 2011: The MBC Archive is now back online. This site’s new directory page has details of this and other free resources.

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